We have good information for you regarding to promote our new lunched project. We have been building a lot of recommended residences in Singapore in decades. Now we are offering you a brand new concept of our fresh Coastline Residences and we can give you such good information about the details.
We have developed a lot of residences before and every year we evaluated our projects from the old one to the brand new one. The Amber Park is one trusted residence company which has been developing many promising areas in Singapore. Their main goal is giving their best touch for people who want to live in peace and luxury. Consider Coastline Residences for your better choice.
The luxury concept came from the latest lifestyle of modern people the one that became our priority in our interior design concepts of Coastline Residences. We provide to you a luxury residence with affordable price and we also think about the comfort aspects for you and your family. We also open our infestation deals for you in case you are interested in our residence business.
These one brand new Coastline Residences are built in the east coast area of the East Coast Park. We are also rejuvenating the areas that we consider as the main landscapes for our coastline condos. The east coast area is also very popular in Singapore because this area is the downtown of the city. There are so many good references for restaurants, recreational areas and friendly eco parks for your family.
You can also pick one of the best schools that are located in the east coast area. There are many good and credible private and public schools nearby the east coast area. This brand new coastline residence is also surrounded by other private residences. There are many of developers which are competing for their residence businesses along the coastline.