Food withdrawal is a nightmare in the food and beverage industry. But with the help of an ERP system, users will get instant access so that if there is a food withdrawal, they will find out directly. There are many factors that cause it, starting from contamination, certain allergies, or improper packaging labeling. If you start using ERP, you will get data quickly and handle this quickly too. In the meantime, you may also need to hire the secured security self storage near your area to store the supplies for your business.

No need to worry about food safety and regulation because everything is recorded by the software. It is important for you to follow food safety protocols from the US Food and Drug Administration both regarding packaging and labeling regulations, raw materials, allergic warnings, and storage instructions.

ERP software gives you the flexibility to control and track your inventory. Of course, by tracking food supplies, you can ensure quality and safety. Once you know the condition of the food, the data relating to the time, management and flow of the displacement is obtained correctly.

ERP software can also reduce fears of food contamination or decay. Food contamination can cause undesirable things such as decay or disease transmission. This not only endangers the health but also the reputation of the company. Effective tracking, labeling, and documentation can reduce this risk.

Furthermore, ERP software is a solution to reduce the problem of lack of stock or food waste. When food waste is tracked and reduced, the profit will increase due to a reduction in purchase costs. That way the company can produce more food and reduce excess stock.

Cloud-based ERP software also provides an overview of sales conditions. By using this software, you can manage direct or indirect sales channels from one platform specifically tracking sales results, per individual, group or division.

Through the dashboard, companies can track the sales of each representative from real-time salespeople and managers. In addition, cloud-based software can automate marketing automation tools to plan, implement and track all campaigns.