In the current technological era, programming expertise possessed by undergraduate informatics engineering is highly sought after by many people. Informatics engineering will also still be one of the most prospective majors in the world. Then, what are the actual job opportunities for informatics engineering graduates? Get more information on Jeremy Page Jeremy Page business.

– Software Engineer

An informatics engineering graduate certainly has a great opportunity to become a Software Engineer. This work applies the principles of engineering software such as computer science, information technology itself, and mathematical analysis in design, development (development), maintenance (testing), testing (testing), and evaluation of computer software or other devices. The types of software made by software engineers vary, such as operating systems and network distributions, and software for compilers that convert programs to execution on computers.

– IT Consultant

IT Consultant is one of the jobs for informatics engineering graduates who are tasked with applying information technology in planning, implementation, and evaluation in an organization. Specifically, IT Consultants also become technical specialists who focus on integrating information technology in business as well as advising or consulting clients in the use of information technology effectively to achieve a goal and target. This is done by introducing technical solutions and software platforms in the information technology infrastructure with the aim of improving processes and profits. As a reflection of you informatics engineering graduates who are interested in this work, IT Consultants must have the ability to achieve high standards and strong analytical skills to understand problems and make solutions.

– Web Developer

Web Developer is one of the jobs of informatics engineering graduates who specialize in the development of world wide web applications, or applications built on HTTP from a web server in a web browser. An informatics engineering graduate can work as a web developer in full or part time in several types of organizations, including corporations and government, small and medium enterprises, or as freelancers. Knowledge that must be known by web developers include HMTL / XHMTL, CSS, JavaScript. In addition, a web developer of informatics engineering graduates must master the server / client side architecture, programming in frameworks such as Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go, and Java.