There are so many causes of air conditioning in your home or office being not cold, one of which is the AC freon which runs out. Freon is the main cooling material in the air conditioner. If the freon is lacking or even runs out of course the air conditioner generated by the air conditioner will not feel cold and only function as a fan without cooling the room. If the AC freon is lacking or runs out, of course, it will be useless for you to turn on the air conditioner, the room will not cool and electricity consumption will continue, as usual, it will be very detrimental right?

Leaking condenser pipes are usually due to their long life, causing rust and will have an impact on porosity, then a leak in the pipe condenser will occur. You can see it like there is oil coming out like oil, it indicates the pipe condenser has a leak. To overcome this you can call the CoolCats ACR technician to do the welding at the point of leakage.

Just like a pipe condenser, an aging evaporator will naturally cause rust which is the main cause of leakage in the evaporator. Handling is almost the same as above by calling the AC technician first to do the welding at the leak point at the evaporator. This can be the cause of AC freon quickly run out, usually occurs because when the installation process is not correct so that the connection develops in the pipe even to break. Even though your AC pipe does not have a connection, the pipe can also leak if it is already unsuitable for use. The mark is usually black spots and oil seepage. It is not recommended to weld the leaking pipe or connect the leaking pipe because it will leak more quickly. Therefore, you should use an AC pipe that is without connection and the thickness of the AC pipe must match the AC PK capacity that you have to prevent leakage of the AC pipe.