Are you a true coffee fan? Of course, you like bitter black coffee. Aside from (supposedly) as one of the symbols of masculinity, black coffee is also referred to as the best variety of coffee dishes to enjoy the distinctive and strong aroma and taste of caffeine. Before sipping more black coffee, you need to know what the different types are. If you often eating coffee beans, you are certainly familiar with this type of black coffee, which is one shot or a small glass of 30 milliliters of pure coffee. A good espresso has a thin foam layer called the crema. If served hot, Espresso is usually brewed directly from the coffee maker with some distillation from coffee bean powder and special temperature hot water. As for cold serving, which is becoming more popular in recent times, espresso is served with a little mixture of cream to thicken the texture of coffee when it’s cold.

Long black / Americano is a large version of espresso dish made by brewing it directly with hot water to keep the crema condition intact. Ristretto, this is the strongest type of black coffee because it has a dose of coffee extract more than the hot water used to distill it. Usually, ristretto is served in a glass smaller than espresso, which is 15 milliliters. This type of black coffee is a double version of espresso, which is served in a two-shot dose, which is as much as 60 milliliters in total. Interestingly, doppio has a strong aroma that is not as big as espresso. This is because doppio has a sufficient proportion of water to thin coffee so that it is more easily received by the stomach, especially for beginner coffee drinkers.

Latte, this is the second best-selling type of modern coffee in the world. Consisting of a composition of one half a dose of coffee and three-quarters of boiled milk and milk foam at the top. The creamy taste is easily accepted by many tongues, so it’s not surprising that it’s often ordered in many coffee shops around the world.