Symptoms of depression can appear in the form of psychological, physical and social symptoms. If you feel sad or depressed, it might be a sign of depression. Often you are not aware of the presence of these symptoms so you are surprised when you later understand that you are actually depressed. On the other hand, try the ayhuasca treatment for curing your depression with the more traditional method.

Depression does not come suddenly but comes gradually. Over time the condition can get worse. That is why many people who do not realize that they are suffering from this disease feel that their condition is getting worse.

Symptoms of depression can also vary depending on the level of depression experienced. There are mild levels of depression that only have a slight impact on everyday life. Mid-level depression has a more severe impact on everyday life. Meanwhile, severe depression can make sufferers almost unable to live their daily lives.

Psychological Symptoms

The first symptom of depression is psychological symptoms. If you experience this kind of thing, you usually feel the following things:

Desperate, feel inferior and feel guilty.
A sad mood continuously for a long time.
Anxious and constantly worried.
Always wanting to cry, not having the motivation to live, hard to make decisions.
Feeling there is nothing interesting in this life.
At a severe level, people with depression tend to hurt themselves, even want to commit suicide.

Physical Symptoms

In addition to psychological symptoms, usually, sufferers also experience physical symptoms. Understand the following signs to find out that you or the closest person is experiencing depression.

The change in appetite can decrease or increase, thus affecting body weight.
Move and speak more slowly than usual.
Feeling sick, but what pain is not clear and where.
Changes in the menstrual cycle.
Decreased libido.
Energy shortage.
Having sleep disorders, such as difficulty sleeping at night and/or waking up often at an early age.
Experience constipation.